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Here is a good opportunity for teachers to earn an extra income by partnering with Hireatutor.lk in their related filed.

Hireatutor.lk is in the process of building question banks for all professional related subjects. In this regard we require multiple choice questions and answers for the following topics,

  • Management
  • Strategic Management
  • Commercial & Corporate Law
  • Business Maths and statistics
  • Information Technology
  • Audit & Assurance
  • Financial Management
  • Taxation
  • Economics

Terms & Conditions

  • You have to be a registered teacher with Hireatutor.lk
  • The subject and the topic must be selected and confirmed to Hireatutor.lk
  • Upon confirmation a minimum of 50 questions and answers should be submitted
  • Questions and answers should be your own creations related to the subject
  • No question should be selected from the original question papers of the relevant institute or text books.
  • Payments will be transferred to your bank account upon verification of submitted questions and answers related to the selected topic. This will take minimum 7 working days.
  • US $ 1 will be paid for two sets of questions and answers.
  • A teacher can select any number of subjects depending on their qualifications.


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