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The Institute of Management & Leadership is a leading private education and lifelong learning institution in Sri Lanka. We offer a diverse range of education pathways and professional training and are known for the rigor and quality of our programmes. Founded in 2018 on the initiative of the smart learning and education for all concept. IML is a professional institute with over 500 plus individual and corporate who have access to a wide range of learning courses, published resources and networking events.

Others - Soft Skill Development

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    Reserve your slot today! Practical workshop based on a survey! During this workshop, we will focus on helping you: - Gain a better understanding of your own communication style and the styles of others. - Improve your presentation skills. - Effective interview techniques - Develop your personal branding - Learn to foster collaboration of teamwork through a dynamic team exercise. Now you can reserve online via https://forms.gle/k8UiPzgac5XomYcJ9